Finding fun

Finding fun

The daily grind is exhausting. Most days, there’s barely enough time to squeeze in an episode of guilty pleasure TV. Chores, house keeping, obligatory engagements…they all pile up, and is can be a challenge to find the time to just enjoy some down time with friends. But today, I somehow achieved that contentment I haven’t experienced in a while.

Since spring has sprung and the sun has been shining longer, I’ve been so much more productive than in the cold, hard winter months. Waking up early this morning, I had an hour to myself to prep for the Google Education on Air session I was presenting, and afterwards, felt so accomplished, I knew I earned some social time. So hubby and I straightened up the house, fired up the smoker, and set up the patio furniture for the first real BBQ of the season.

Once everyone arrived, we are our delicious bounty, celebrated Mother’s Day early with an ice cream cake, and prepared to do our usual social activity: play a table top board game. Now usually, I get bored as we get schooled in directions, ordering, and the point of the game. But, luckily, this time was different.

Perhaps it was the weather, the company, or the sense of personal fulfillment, that made the day seem so perfect. It’s been a long time since I’ve allowed myself to destress and relax. Today, I am grateful to those who helped me find my fun!