Same Rules Apply

Same Rules Apply

Have you ever been told not to reply to an email when you’re angry? Or, how about not going grocery shopping when you’re hungry? Or going to a beauty salon after a recent breakup? Each of these warning seem to send a similar message: USE IMPULSE CONTROL.

Yes, I meant to use caps. In a sense, I am screaming that at myself. It is and has always been something I struggle with in my own weird way. I do not drink or smoke, but my vices are many, and I tend to show signs of weakness when it comes to avoiding hastiness. I know I am impatient, and I have tried to work on that. But waiting to improve just takes o darn long!

Seriously though, I think I should create a list of some of my own mottos to live by in an attempt to avoid creating my own disasters.

1. Do not go to Whole Foods (or any food store) alone…EVER (I went last week, bought 3 loaves of bread and a bevy of pastries, and ate almost all of it entirely by myself in less than a week.)

2. Do not start scratching at an itch with a raised bump (It’s guaranteed to itch more, become more raised, and eventually, I will scratch my skin right off…yuck!)

3. Do not call mom when in a foul mood (She is certain to exacerbate the anger due to genetic likeness.) Click To Tweet

4. Do not repeat-call when no one answers (That is a sign I AM undoubtedly my mother.) Click To Tweet

5. When undecided, do not ask hubby what he wants to: do, eat, watch, etc. (That will exacerbate foul mood!) Click To Tweet

Bonus item:

**Do NOT post to social media without a clear head (No one wants to hear rants, and social media need not be an outlet for spewing negativity. I should always wait until I have something positive to say, and encourage others to comment in an equally positive manner.)

Just like the warnings listed above, one should keep in mind that social media is best used socially. Being negative will surely ostracize others, and that is not at all what it was meant for. just like making friends in real life, with social media, the same rules apply!

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