Promo Progress

Promo Progress

Today was a big day for getting the word out about the release of my novel, Guardian House! I have been stressed lately with work and life in general, but making any sort of stride with my book promotion is huge for me.

It all started when a respected college and AP English teacher asked me to present to two of his classes on the writing process. He asked me to share a bit about what led me to this book, the process, and to read an excerpt. That small interest sparked a second wind in me, and not only did I select an intriguing chapter fit for a high school audience, I made sure it was polished and ready for a public audience.

Selecting the excerpt got the promo ball rolling and I decided to take a stab at the first iteration of a digital book trailer. As a Google Certified Teacher and trainer, and lover of all things Google, I decided to learn the latest update of WeVideo to create with. After some minor editing, and selecting just the right amount of sharable details for text tags, inserting music, and pacing, I published my trailer, and it can now be viewable on the Novel tab of my site, on WeVideo if you have the link, or on YouTube, depending on preference.

As if those two items weren’t satisfaction enough for my promo progress,  I also sent a promo portfolio with headshot, book cover art, bio, summary, and my webpage to a local library in hopes that they may be willing to allow me to host an event for a reading or book signing. I spoke to a friendly librarian who said he’d be glad to pass on my email to the director, to see if we could work something out. After four refusals from other local libraries, and two Barnes & Nobel stores nearby, I was beginning to feel my only luck would be to set up a table in my own driveway on town-wide garage sale day. Heck, I might still do that…it’s not beneath me. It would just also be great to get the professional venue!

The icing on the cake was the tiny box waiting for me on the kitchen table when I came home. My husband must have brought it in. I almost didn’t see it, and when I did, just assumed it was his, since he gets boxes of his own hobbies daily. When he told me to open it, and I realized it was my freshly printed business cards, I knew the promo progress I made today will definitely be useful in the long run!

In case you haven’t checked it out already, below you can view my digital book trailer. Feel free to share! #promoprogress