Pre-Birthday My Way

Pre-Birthday My Way

I know a lot of people enjoy celebrating their birthday with a big party, a fancy dinner, or a night out on the town. However, I was never much of a partier. Since I am always working, socializing in some way with edtech, or networking, I enjoy the little time I can find to relax and celebrate in my own way.

That’s why my hubby and I did a day trip to one of our favorite foodie destinations: Mitsuwa in Edgewater, NJ. We haven’t been there in nearly two years since we found a pretty good Asian grocery store not to far away. But since it was my birthday weekend, I thought it would be nice to spend some quality time with one another. Mitsuwa is a perfect day trip for the both of us since he loves all things Japanese, and I love him & food!

We always start the extravaganza with a walk through the little shops across the parking lot from the market. I usually don’t get anything, but this time, I found an enormous tea infuser perfect for making my pitchers of iced tea. We are sort of tea snobs, and love to order specialty loose teas. I’m a lover of Blue Cornflower, Lavender, Lady Gray, and Assam, while hubby likes English Breakfast blends like East Frisian. We normally only drink these hot, but that’s generally because we’d have to make them in smaller batches. This new infuser is large enough to do a giant spouted pitcher of sun tea, which I just so happen to have brewing on the deck right now!

After a bit of window shopping, we made our way over into the delicious glory that is the Mitsuwa Food Court. There are a dozen vendors serving traditional Japanese food from Ramen to Taiyaki to Tempura. We each ordered our own bowls of Ramen, and shared a plate of Gyoza and Fried Rice. We ate it all, and with bellies full, ventured into the supermarket to get our take-home goodies. Lucky for me, the bakery was well-stocked, and for the first time since our trip to Japan nearly 3 years ago, I pleased to recognize fried pouches of doughy stuffed goodness called Kare Pan (Curry Donuts) and we got a couple for later.

We continued on to load up a cart with bottled teas, Ramune, candies, and Asian specialties galore. We even found some fresh homemade Ramen Noodles, fried puffed Tofu, and Green Tea filled chocolates. And once we couldn’t hold our cart any longer, we proceeded thru check out and over to the line for deliciously flavored soft serve ice cream. Hubby got the tangy and slightly bitter Yuzu (a citrus rind-like flavor) while I got the Green tea and black sesame swirl.

The trip to Mitsuwa was the perfect way for me to recharge and cut back from work a bit, while spending time with my favorite person, doing things we both love. And the fun continued when we got home, as we sampled our bounty, watched TV, and played with Loki.

Recharging yesterday rejuvenated me, and I was able to complete y chores, do some tweeting, posting, and networking, and not feel totally burnt out doing it. And to top it off, hubby made me homemade Red Velvet birthday cake from scratch. It’s been quite the birthday weekend, and my birthday technically isn’t even until tomorrow!

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