Test It Out, Change It Up

Test It Out, Change It Up

I’ve been working hard trying to master the multitasking of media promotion AND educational technology integration. It hasn’t been easy, but in the past month since learning that a real publisher wants to release my novel, I think I have found a great way to at least think about uniting these two seemingly unrelated endeavors.

As a high school English teacher, I loved challenging my students with digital media projects that complemented their understanding of the literature they were reading. I was particularly impressed with one sophomore class who created such amazing trailers for independent reading selections that I tricked into believing that many more books were turned into movies than actually had been.  In addition to being impressed by my students’ ability to adapt to any tool I offered to them, I was equally wowed by the quality, forethought, and artistic expression of their book trailers.

In honor of my former English students, and in the name of all authors writing the “good right” in this digital age, I set out to experiment with making digital book trailers of my own. I could not have imagined how difficult this process would be, perhaps in part due to having an image in my head of my entire story. Or, maybe it has something to do with trying to find in existence the perfect shots that ever so slightly tease, entice & excite without giving too much away.

In proper edtech fashion, I resolved to experiment with many different video editing tools, and resigned that my book trailers, much like the rest of my life, would be a continually work in progress, and iteration, a process perhaps never truly “completed.” So, I present to you the current compilation of my endeavors made with the following edtech tools:


iMovie version 1:

YouTube Editor:

iMovie version 2: