Growing as an Educator

Growing as an Educator


I can hardly believe the summer is nearly over. It has been busy, and I’m sure there’s no sign of slowing down. Many people believe being a teacher means summers off. Not for me. In fact, in all my years of teaching, I have never once spent a summer relaxing and recharging sans work. And this summer has been no different.

I have been lucky to spend the majority of this summer working on an internship in Administration and Educational Leadership. What does that mean? Well, basically, I have been shadowing and working with an amazing group on Ed Leaders in a fantastic district who has provided me with countless hand-on learning opportunities. And it’s just the beginning of the process for me.

Not only have I observed administrators doing their daily duties, but I have also worked in collaboration with them on tasks from scheduling, hiring, observing, managing, AND teaching. The collaboration and passion presented by this particular groups of leaders reminds me of WHY I wanted to enhance my education and potentially further my professional engagement.

Surprisingly, as I worked with this district, an opportunity arose for me to take on even more responsibility in this district as I was asked to teach two summer classes. Not only did this bring me back to the root of my career by putting me back in the classroom, but it also provided yet another opportunity for my professional growth, as both of the I was asked to teach were new preps for me, and in grades I had not “officially” taught yet. I quickly learned that teaching Debate and Digital Storytelling to Middle Schoolers required a wholly different method of pacing and activity creation than teaching technology to adults and ELA to high schoolers/college freshmen. But it was a fantastic learning experience for me, and quite reinvigorating!

Overall, this summer has been busy, yet fruitful, and I cannot thank my mentors enough for this opportunity to grow into the Educational Leader I know I can be.