Natalie O' Neil

Same Rules Apply

Have you ever been told not to reply to an email when you’re angry? Or, how about not going grocery shopping when you’re hungry? Or going to a beauty salon after a recent breakup? Each of these warning seem to send a similar message: USE IMPULSE CONTROL. Yes, I meant

DIY or Die

Since the weather has gotten nicer, I wanted to take on a hobby that I could do outside, but one that also produced a reward of sorts at the end. My husband paints little figures. He uses them to play board games. A set takes him weeks to complete, and

Finding fun

The daily grind is exhausting. Most days, there’s barely enough time to squeeze in an episode of guilty pleasure TV. Chores, house keeping, obligatory engagements…they all pile up, and is can be a challenge to find the time to just enjoy some down time with friends. But today, I somehow

It’s really happening!

Sometimes good things happen in life, and there’s an instant realization of success. When you get up to the counter at DMV, and the clerks commends your ability to follow directions, come prepared with all forms of I.D. and you get your new license without hassle, you leave with an

Learn from it

With every new day comes a new lesson. Today was one lesson that apparently didn’t come easy.  When you take on new tasks, you have to be prepared for a learning curve. However, as was my case today, all the practice in the world can’t guarantee you confidence. I didn’t

Making time to enjoy the finer things

In today’s fast-paced society, it’s become increasingly difficult to take the time to disassociate from the “business” aspect of my life, and just enjoy the moment. I personally find this extremely difficult; I’m a typical workaholic. I struggle with letting tasks go unfinished, and tend to go-go-go until my brain

Is posting killing my novel?

As a writer with a different full time job, I struggle to find time to write. I know you’re probably thinking, “don’t we all?” I know any good attempt at becoming a published author requires persistent, disciplined efforts. However, that’s not what I’m talking about here. What I’m getting at

Social Media Madness

I’m documenting this in hopes that others can figure this out with more ease than I did: I’m trying to make my life a little easier by condensing my many social media posts into just a few by using the iftt app. Considering I have so many social media accounts

My first post!

My first post…woopie! This website has been in my mind for quite some time. I’m so excited to finally have it up and running. I have to say, getting the news that my first novel will soon be released was a much-needed push to stop procrastinating and get the website